Heather Miller creates abstract sculpture and wall reliefs from plaster. She serves Oak Farm Montessori School as the Art Specialist and has served many years as a community arts and education advocate by serving as the Chair of the Education Committee for Wunderkammer Company as well as a past Board Chair for the Foundation for Art and Music in Education; FAME. She currently writes a monthly artist feature for Whatzup magazine and also serves on the Advisory Panel for Scholastic ArtNews.




The shapes and forms that make up her sculptures, are inspired by organic objects such as seedpods, and her textures come from encounters with natural findings such as fungus, mineral deposits and plants. Miller hopes to instill a sense of wonder in viewers as many of her pieces encourage touch and even an actual encounter with the work as viewers can peek inside to find a variety or scenes, usually involving a mass of small human figures, or insects. Some hanging pod pieces invite a viewer to place one’s head inside the form, which also causes the viewer to unknowingly become a piece of sculpture. Encounters, exploration, curiosity and child-like reactions of joy are commonly witnessed during Miller’s shows as viewers enjoy interacting with her pieces.




“Keeping the botanical and organic layer of my work is important,” says Miller. “I want people to think about the grandness of nature and the wonder that in encased in even the smallest seed. I hope to remind people that we are but a tiny part of the whole that makes up our world.”